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Wielding Power is the premier competition for political ideas.

Each issue of Wielding Power presents a challenge: answer the posed question with the most outstanding political essay. The single best essay wins $1000.

With exceptional rigor, Wielding Power then handpicks the three choicest essays according to a rubric that gives equal weight to the quality of the argument and the quality of the writing. It publishes the three essays together with its own, and diagrams them to further illuminate their insights. Wielding Power also takes you behind the scenes by revealing its grades and evaluations for each of the hand-selected essays.

Competition fosters rare excellence. Wielding Power offers unmatched understanding of political issues.

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Should Leakers of Classified Government Wrong-Doings be Punished? 1.29.2014 – 4.6.2014 Early May 2014 $1,000
Should Marijuana Be Legal? 2.27.2014 – 5.4.2014 Early June 2014 $1,000
Is Secession Legitimate? 3.17.2014 – 6.1.2014 Early July 2014 $1,000

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